Fine wool, nylon, and sisal flooring

100% Wool

Sea Breeze

From casual beach cottages to the formal sun rooms of elegant traditional mansions, Sea Breeze is a perfect selection in 100% pure New Zealand Wool. Styled to impress and engineered to endure, Sea Breeze is available in the four color-ways shown here.


Presented in a large-scale version of the classic ribbed loop, PROMENADE exemplifies unparalleled elegance in tufted carpet construction.  PROMENADE makes a beautiful statement in 100% pure un-dyed wool.  It’s offered in five understated neutral color-ways that are created by blending the colors that naturally occur in wool.

Troy II

Based on its ongoing popularity, the large-scale Berber-loop has become an industry standard. Troy remains one of the very best. A perennial top-seller, Troy’s color palette has been augmented by the four new colors in Troy II. Both Troy and Troy II are made to the exact same specifications using the same 100% pure wool.

Harrison Park

Manufactured using 100% pure New Wool, the classic multi-level loop texture of HARRISON PARK is well-engineered and extremely durable. HARRISON PARK is available in five natural color-ways that are each augmented by a unique creamy white accent. This creates a subtly-understated, random pattern while offering outstanding soil-hiding practicality.


Thick, dense, and luxurious, AVALANCHE is a classic shag carpet of 100% pure wool that makes a bold statement in any interior.  Aside from the standard color-ways, virtually unlimited custom-color flexibility is available with very low minimum requirements.


Opulence and luxury are readily apparent in the long, flowing texture of Ventanna.  Meticulously crafted using 100% pure wool, Ventanna offers virtually unlimited custom color flexibility with very low minimum requirements.


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