Fine wool, nylon, and sisal flooring

100% Wool

Big Sur

Felted yarns of 100% wool in various sizes that include the largest yarn we’ve ever used and textures reminiscent of hand-spun yarn all combine to create the bold and rugged texture of Big Sur.


The Greek Key, or variations thereof, has been a mainstay of interior design throughout recorded history. ANTIQUITY is a magnificent cut/loop interpretation and is available in solid or two-color versions of 100% pure wool.


Named for the beautiful seashell that it subtly resembles ANDARA is a heavily textured two-color loop-pile rug available in a wide array of color-ways with custom options readily available.


Runway is a new variation of the very traditional cut/loop stripe.  Its big, bold texture is created using one of the largest yarns we inventory.  It’s a 100% felted wool yarn and is available in five natural color-ways with just a hint of Berber fleck. Runway is custom-made in the exact size you desire and can be custom-dyed any color you wish with extremely small quantity requirements.


Envoy uniquely combines big, bold and rugged texture with subtly understated two-color stripes. Crafted using 100% pure un-dyed natural wool, each color-way was fashioned to coordinate with the companion product Ambassador, allowing for exciting mix and match opportunities.


Ambassador’s big, bold, and rugged texture is created by precise placement of alternating large and small loops. Crafted using 100% pure un-dyed natural wool in five viable background shades, Ambassador is an ideal selection for any design theme.


Soft, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing, Bolero is a beautiful loop-pile carpet crafted using 100% Pure New Wool. Augmented by a concise, needlepoint-like texture, Bolero is available in the five beautiful color-ways presented here.


Pure, natural wool in a short, dense, loop-pile construction is a perfect combination of sleek, contemporary good looks and unparalleled long-term durability. Four sophisticated pin-striped color-ways offer exceptional aesthetics as well as outstanding soil-hiding properties for today’s active lifestyles.


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