Fine wool, nylon, and sisal flooring

100% Wool


The luster and clarity of pure New Zealand wool provides an excellent backdrop for the twelve elegant solid shades of Signature. Casual, yet elegant, Signature combines the softness of wool with the durability and ease-of-maintenance of loop-pile construction. CUSTOM COLORS AVAILABLE WITH A FORTY YARD MINIMUM.

Pebble Point

With precision, robotic hand-tufting, loop-pile products of unbelievable scale are now possible. Pebble Point, with its alternating rows of cuts and loops is the ultimate example of such a product and incorporates one of the largest yarns ever used in tufted carpet construction. This core-wrapped and felted yarn makes a bold and dramatic statement that is unequalled in the industry.


One of the largest yarns ever used in carpet construction is the foundation for this bold and rugged cut and loop texture. Available in three standard color-ways, Cobblestone is a carpet unlike any other.


Vesuvius is the product whose success created the entire Shagtastic line, regarded as the finest collection of shag and heavily textured rugs available anywhere. Vesuvius is the ultimate in tall and tousled texture. It is available in the same three shades as Avignon or in custom colors of your choice in solid, two or three color combinations.


Sumptuous offers a luxurious texture that is ideal for wall-to-wall application or as an inviting area rug. A unique felted yarn offers bold texture and deep, thick pile while providing warmth and softness. Available in five standard colors from soft white to natural shades using just a hint of fleck to add to their natural appeal.

St. Moritz

The definition of bold texture and uncompromised luxury, St. Moritz uses a long, ultra-thick, four-ply yarn augmented by accent yarns that provide a subdued touch of color hiding below. Beauty, distinctive fashion, and casual warmth in any of eleven standard color-ways will bring life to any interior. Custom colors, a Unique Carpets Ltd. specialty, are readily available at very low minimums.


The same yarns used in Sumptuous are presented in a unique high and low placement to provide a product with a three dimensional appeal. This appealing texture is augmented by heavily felted yarn that offers a look unlike no other.

Series 1000

Aside from the five combinations offered as standard color-ways, with Series 1000 you can create your own recipe for Shagtastic perfection. Select one or more yarn components from many of the collections to design a shag rug with your personal touch. Your own design will be presented as a custom pom for your approval. With virtually endless combinations available, you are only limited by your own imagination.

Mop Top

The ultra-fine, ultra-soft fibers of felted wool are legendary for the sensuous, silky ‘hand’ they present. Mop Top is crafted using 100% Merino wool in a long, flowing texture. As inviting as the texture is the palette of seven spectacular colors and one color-way, Montage, that beautifully blends several of these shades. Mop Top is available as shown, or can be combined with other ‘in-stock’ yarns for one-of-a-kind custom designs.

Merino Borealis

The standard for softness and luxury in 100% pure wool has long been Merino wool. Known for its purity and seductive feel, Merino wool is combined with delicate “thread” count yarns for unsurpassed and irresistible luxury. Four subtle color combinations whisper relaxation while defining style.


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